Indian ISI

In the ISI certification of India, the ISI label is attached, and its certification scope covers almost every industrial field.

Such as cement, steel, stainless steel, glass, tires, automotive parts (lights, glass, rims, etc.), helmets, solar energy, dry batteries, household appliances (juice machine, food conditioner, electric iron, induction cooker... Etc.), compressors, food related (bottles, milk powder, etc.), thermometers, Power cord...etc. (Any product that comes into contact with people is almost in the required range) must be certified before being imported into the Indian market.

  • Applicant: Manufacturer
  • Certificate valid: 1 year
  • Application time: about 6 months
  • Local sampling: Yes
  • Factory inspection: Yes
  • Local agent: Yes

*The above partial certification instructions may not be detailed enough. You are welcome to contact us directly.